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The Refugee Crisis

Professor Christian Dustmann comments on the current European debate on the refugee crisis and migration quotas on BBC World Service 


Immigrant and disadvantaged children benefit most from early childcare

Attending universal childcare from age three significantly improves the school readiness of children from immigrant and disadvantaged family backgrounds.

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The Criminal Behaviour of Young Fathers

CReAM Research by Christian Dustmann and  Rasmus Landersø, finds that  very young fathers who have their first child while they are still teenagers subsequently commit less crime if the child is a boy than if it is a girl. This  then has a spill over effect on other young men of a similar age living in the same neighbourhoods as the young father. The research was covered on the British press.

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"I was quite prepared... to use the cover of the statistician's analysis": Former home secretary David Blunkett and Prof Dustmann on the 2003 report on EU accession


British Academy

Professor Christian Dustmann has been elected Fellow of the British Academy in recognition for his academic career and public engagement.



Professor Christian Dustmann ranked within the top 3 German speaking economists on the 2017 Handelsblatt ranking.



BBC News

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing recent trends in foreign-born worker flows in and out of the UK on the BBC News at One.


Discussion Paper Series

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Discussion Papers 2009






December 2009 32/09 Olof Åslund, Lena Hensvik and Oskar Nordström Skans Seeking similarity: How immigrants and natives manage at the labor market Abstract
November 2009 31/09 Rachel M. Friedberg and David A. Jaeger The Economic Diversity of Immigration Across the United States Abstract
November 2009 30/09 Jackline Wahba and Yves Zenou Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Migration, Entrepreneurship and Social Capital Abstract
November 2009 29/09 David Card, Christian Dustmann and Ian Preston Immigration, Wages, and Compositional Amenities Abstract
October 2009 28/09 Olof Åslund, Per-Anders Edin, Peter Fredriksson and Hans Grönqvist Peers, neighborhoods and immigrant student achievement - evidence from a placement policy Abstract
October 2009 27/09 Olof Åslund, Anders Böhlmark and Oskar Nordström Skans Age at migration and social integration Abstract
October 2009 26/09 Albert Bollard, David McKenzie, Melanie Morten and Hillel Rapoport Remittances and the Brain Drain Revisited: The microdata show that more educated migrants remit more Abstract
October 2009 25/09 Olof Åslund, John Östh and Yves Zenou How Important is Access to Jobs? Old Question — Improved Answer. Abstract
October 2009 24/09 Harminder Battu and Yves Zenou Oppositional Identities and Employment for Ethnic Minorities. Evidence from England. Abstract
October 2009 23/09 Teresa Casey and Christian Dustmann Immigrants’ Identity, Economic Outcomes, and the Transmission of Identity across Generations Abstract
September 2009 22/09 Yann Algan, Christian Dustmann, Albrecht Glitz and Alan Manning The Economic Situation of First- and Second-Generation Immigrants in France, Germany, and the UK Abstract
September 2009 21/09 Albert Bollard, David McKenzie and Melanie Morten The Remitting Patterns of African Migrants in the OECD Abstract
August 2009 20/09 John Gibson, David McKenzie and Steven Stillman The Impacts of International Migration on Remaining Household Members: Omnibus Results from a Migration Lottery Program Abstract
July 2009 19/09 Libertad Gonzalez, Francesc Ortega Immigration and Housing Booms: Evidence from Spain Abstract
July 2009 18/09 Christian Dustmann, Tommaso Frattini and Caroline Halls Assessing the Fiscal Costs and Benefits of A8 Migration to the UK Abstract
July 2009 17/09 Michel Beine, Frédéric Docquier and Hillel Rapoport On the robustness of brain gain estimates Abstract
June 2009 16/09 Lídia Farré, Libertad González and Francesc Ortega Immigration, Family Responsibilities and the Labor Supply of Skilled Native Women Abstract
June 2009 15/09 Giovanni Peri and Francisco Requena The Trade Creation Effect of Immigrants: Testing the Theory on the Remarkable Case of Spain Abstract
May 2009 14/09 Fabian Lange and Douglas Gollin Equipping Immigrants: Migration Flows and Capital Movements Abstract
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April 2009 12/09 Coralio Ballester, Antoni Calvó-Armengol and Yves Zenou Delinquent Networks Abstract
April 2009 11/09 Karin Mayr and Giovanni Peri Brain Drain and Brain Return: Theory and Application to Eastern-Western Europe Abstract
February 2009 10/09 Francesco D’Amuri, Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano and Giovanni Peri The Labor Market Impact of Immigration in Western Germany in the 1990’s Abstract
February 2009 09/09 Christian Dustmann and Josep Mestres Remittances and Temporary Migration Abstract
January 2009 08/09 Brian Duncan and Stephen J. Trejo Immigration and the U.S. Labor Market Abstract
January 2009 07/09 David Card Immigration and Inequality Abstract
January 2009 06/09 Delia Furtado and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos Intermarriage and Immigrant Employment: The Role of Networks Abstract
January 2009 05/09 Susana Iranzo and Giovanni Peri Migration and Trade: Theory with an Application to the Eastern-Western European Integration Abstract
January 2009 04/09 Giovanni Facchini, Anna Maria Mayda and Prachi Mishra Do Interest Groups affect US Immigration Policy? Abstract
January 2009 03/09 John Gibson and David McKenzie The Microeconomic Determinants of Emigration and Return Migration of the Best and Brightest: Evidence from the Pacific Abstract
January 2009 02/09 Brian Duncan and Stephen J. Trejo Intermarriage and the Intergenerational Transmission of Ethnic Identity and Human Capital for Mexican Americans Abstract
January 2009 01/09 Brian Duncan and Stephen J. Trejo Ancestry versus Ethnicity: The Complexity and Selectivity of Mexican Identification in the United States Abstract