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UK Election

Manifesto Check

Professor Ian Preston analyses the content of several party manifestos in terms of immigration policy:

Liberal Democrats

Labour Party

Plaid Cymru

Final Grand Manifesto Check

The Migration Conversation

What do we know about migration?

CReAM has compiled a fact sheet to inform the UK's national debate on migration. Download

Prof Ian Preston talks on BBC Radio Northampton about the facts on immigration. Listen

Prof Ian Preston talks together with Giovanni Peri and David Card on the Economic Impact of Immigration on audioBoom. Listen

Immigration - an evidence-based debate

A meeting held on Tuesday 21 April 2015 at the Royal Statistical Society organised by Conversation UK and the Royal Statistical Society. Listen


Prof Ian Preston on Sky News discussing immigration policy:


UBS Economic Forum- 21.04.2015

Christian Dustmann's keynote speech on the Human Capital as a Central Economic Factor.


Christian Dustmann and Mauro Dell'Ambrogio on the final discussion of the forum.


Latest News

The World Bank

Marco Alfano's invited blog article on Dowry Payments and Female Labour Market Participation, on the World Bank website.

European Association of Labour Economists

Christian Dustmann has been elected as the incoming President of the European Association of Labour Economists (EALE).

Current and upcoming CReAM Visitors

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Henry Farber

Henry Farber will be visiting CReAM from 2nd March to 3rd April. 

Henry Farber is the Hughes-Rogers Professor of Economics and an Associate of the Industrial Relations Section at Princeton University. Professor Farber graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, and Princeton University. In addition to his faculty position at Princeton, Farber is a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and a Research Fellow of the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). He is also a Fellow of the Econometric Society, the Society of Labor Economists, and the Labor and Employment Relations Association.  Farber's current research interests include unemployment, liquidity constraints and labor supply, labor unions, worker mobility, wage dynamics, and analysis of the litigation process.

email: farber@Princeton.EDU


Clément Malgouyres

Clément is a PhD candidate in economics at the European University Institute.

His main research fields are labor and international economics. He is interested in the impact of rising imports competiton on local labor markets as well as voting behavior in France. He is also working on the role of social interactions in shaping labor market outcomes.

Clément is visiting CReAM from September 2014 to December 2014.



Krista Riukula

Krista is a PhD candidate in economics at Aalto University.

Her current areas of interests are empirical labour economics and applied microeconomics with focus on topics such as health outcomes of policy changes. In her current project she studies the effect of smoking bans on birth outcomes. She is also working with a project examining the effect of parental job loss on children’s health and cognitive and non-cognitive skills over the life cycle. In addition, she is interested in the gender differences in risk uncertainty and the resulting differences in outcomes in the labour market.

Krista is visiting CReAM from January until December 2015.


Olof Rosenqvist

Olof's main research field is labor economics. He is interested in the importance of networks in the labor market (e.g. family networks and coworker networks) and is also doing research on employer strategies when recruiting to key positions. In addition, he is currenty working on a project where he investigates the mechanisms behind the observed positive correlation between educational attainment and political participation.

Olof is visiting CReAM from September 2014 until March 2015.



Ragnhild Camilla Schreiner

Ragnhild is a PhD student at the University of Oslo and the Frisch Centre. Her research field is labor economics and her main interest is how welfare systems affect worker behavior. She is currently working on a project about the intergenerational transfer of benefit dependency and another project about group interactions and absence behavior.

Ragnhild is visiting CReAM from January to December 2015.



Avi Tillman

Avi is a visting Post-Doc and the purpose of hisvisit is to research the influence of the Immigrants from the former USSR on the marriage market in Israel with recent data. In addition, compare it to immigrants from the former USSR to Germany, comparing the situation in Denmark to the situation in Germany and to investigate the impact on the marriage market in England.