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Migration Crisis

BBC Radio 4

Professor Dustmann on BBC Radio 4 Saturday PM discussing the demonstrations in Cologne and the migrant crisis. 


Deutsche Welle

Professor Christian Dustmann on Deutsche Welle's Wirtschaft programme discussing the current refugee crisis in Europe (16th October 2015)


Deutsche Welle

Professor Christian Dustmann on Deutsche Welle's English Channel discussing the integration of Syrian migrants into the job market (16th October 2015)


Sveringes Radio

Professor Christian Dustmann on Sveringes Radio on migrants' integration into the labor market.


CReAM Events

Workshop on Immigration

CReAM and SciencesPo organise a Workshop on Immigration on the 22nd January 2016 in Paris

Professor Ian Preston's presentation at the Workshop on Economic and Social Influences on Attitudes to Refugees in Europe can be found here.



UK Population Forecast

BBC News Channel

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing the UK Population Forecast on the BBC News Channel (29th October 2015)


BBC News At One

Professor Christian Dustmann commenting on the UK Population Projections on the BBC News at One programme (29th October 2015)


UK Migration

BBC News at Six and BBC News at Ten

Professor Christian Dustmann commenting on European migration to the UK (10th November 2015)


ITV News At Ten

Professor Christian Dustmann commenting on DWP figures on welfare claims of European migrants in the UK(10th November 2015)



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Christian Dustmann

Christian Dustmann is Professor of Economics at University College London and Director of CReAM, the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration. He is the current president of the European Society of Labour Economists (EALE), and former scientific director of the Norface programme on migration, a large international and interdisciplinary research network on migration. He is also a research fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), and a research associate of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). Professor Dustmann is a leading labour economist, having widely published in the areas of migration, education, and the labour market. He regularly advises government bodies, international organizations and the media on current policy issues.