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Norface Migration Conference on "Migration: Global Development, New Frontiers", University College London.

Event date: Wednesday 10th April 2013 - Saturday 13th April 2013

Christian Dustmann, Scientific Director of the NORFACE Research Programme on Migration and Professor of Economics, University College London, on migration policy and academic research.



Invited and Keynote Speakers:


Richard Alba, Professor of Sociology, City University of New York, on diversity and inequality.


Francois Bourguignon, Director, Paris School of Economics, on migration and development.

Frederic Docquier, Professor of Economics, Université Catholique de Louvain, on brain drain.


Tim Hatton, Professor of Economics, Australian National University, on historical migration research.

David McKenzie, Senior Economist, World Bank, on the impact of migration on development.


Ethan Lewis, Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College, on the labour market impact of migration.

Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner for Home Affaires, on migration within the European Union.


Valentina Mazzucato, Professor of Globalization and Development, Maastricht Univ., on migrant families.

Xin Meng, Professor of Economics, Australian National University, on migration in China.


Kaivan Munshi, Professor of Economics, Australian National University, on social networks.

Giovanni Peri, Professor of Economics, University of California Davis, on immigration policy and academic policy advice.


Lucinda Platt, Professor of Sociology, Institute of Education, London, on identity.

Imran Rasul, Professor of Economics, University College London, on effects of mass migration on economic and political outcomes.


Jeffrey Reitz, Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto, on Canadian Migration.


Conference Speakers:


Alicia Adsera, Research Scholar in Public and Intenational Affairs, Princeton University, on fertility decisions of migrants.


Herbert Brücker, Professor of Economics, Bamberg University, on the impact of the economic crisis on migration in the EU.

Tommaso Frattini, Assistant Professor, University of Milan, on immigration in Italy.


Krishna Pendakur, Professor of Economics, Simon Fraser University, on segregation.

Chad Sparber, Assistant Professor of Economics, Colgate University, on the immigration debate in the US.


Jackline Wahba, Professor of Economics, University of Southampton, on return migration.

Yoram Weiss, Professor of Economics, Tel Aviv University, on migration from Russia to Israel.