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Illegal Immigration

BBC News Channel

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing migration to Europe (28th August 2015).



Professor Christian Dustmann discussing current migration to Europe (22nd August 2015).


ITV News

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing migration to the UK


Jazz FM

Prof Ian Preston on Jazz FM Business Breakfas commenting on a recent announcement  of the UK government to crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Listen.



Migration: Economic Change, Social Challenge


Christian Dustmann's edited book 'Migration: Economic Change, Social Challenge' was published by Oxford University Press. The book's contributors are: Jack Citrin, Sarit Cohen Goldner, Christian Dustmann, Zvi Eckstein, Paul Frijters, Robert G. Gregory, Guillermina Jasso, Douglas S. Massey, David McKenzie, Xin Meng, Alexandro Portes, Mark R. Rosenzweig, Erik Vickstrom and Yoram Weiss


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CReAM is an independent and interdisciplinary research centre located in the Department of Economics at University College London. CReAM's research focuses on the causes, patterns and consequences of international population mobility and movements affecting UK, Europe and associated global processes. CReAM aims at informing the public debate on migration in the UK and in Europe by providing new insight, helping to steer the current policy debate in a direction that is based on carefully researched evidence without partisan bias. CReAM contributes to the development of new theories and methodological advances in data analysis, ensuring the ability to contribute and inform on a wide range of issues of policy concern, and establishing a reputation for analysis that is accepted as open, transparent and reliable.

Discussion Papers

DPForeign Investors in the US:  Testing for Diaspora and Brain Gain Effects (Stefano Breschi, Francesco Lissoni and Ernest Miguelez)


DPNumber of Siblings and Educational Choices of Immigrant Children: Evidence from First- and Second- Generation Children (Dominique Meurs, Patrick A. Puhani and Friederike Von Haaren)


DP Immigrants' Effects on Native Workers: New Analysis on Longitudinal Data (Mette Foged and Giovanni Peri)

Discussion Papers

CReAM collaborates with the NORFACE Programme on Migration.

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Exports, agglomeration and workforce diversity: An empirical assessment of German stablishments (Stephan Brunow and Luise Grünwald)

2000 Families: identifying the research potential of an origins-of-migration study (Ayse Guveli, Harry Ganzeboom, Helen Baykara-Krumme, Lucinda Platt, Şebnem Eroğlu, Niels Spierings, Sait Bayrakdar and Efe K Sozeri)

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